How it Works for Employers

TeenWorks has the employees:

  • All youth are employees of TeenWorks.
  • TeenWorks is responsible for all employee paperwork, taxes, workers’ compensation, insurance and other employer related costs.
    Every participant is put through an extensive orientation, testing, and training program with the focus on work-readiness.
  • With the recent increases in minimum wage and rising employer taxes, TeenWorks is a cost effective, efficient and hassle free staffing solution!

TeenWorks partners with Fairfield County employers:

  • TeenWorks meets with Fairfield County businesses (our clients) to determine staffing needs.
  • TeenWorks ensures that positions, as well as hours of work, comply with the minor labor laws as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.
  • TeenWorks enters into a contract to provide services for our Clients.
  • TeenWorks utilizes a continuous training and assessment program to make “best fit” matches for our clients based on their needs and criteria.

Service Delivery:

  • TeenWorks employees will come to the client site and perform duties as needed.
  • TeenWorks provides all employees with the necessary timesheets. It is the employee’s responsibility to track his or her time; however, the clients signature is required on the timesheet to verify hours worked.
  • Time sheets are submitted to TeenWorks by the employee. No action is required on the part of the Client.
  • TeenWorks then bills the Client, and the Client then pays TeenWorks.
  • Client forwards staffing requests such as additional employees needed, changes and employee removals, and TeenWorks responds to Client needs.

Quality Control:

  • TeenWorks will track employee progress through the use of periodic evaluations, to be completed by the client.
  • In addition, TeenWorks may periodically conduct on-site visits.
  • All employee issues will be handled promptly by the TeenWorks management. Follow-up will be provided for the client.

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TeenWorks helps talented and dedicated youth, who are between the ages of 14 and 21 and who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, to discover the world of work.

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"Teen Works has been a great fit for our department. They have provided us with young adults that have a willingness and desire to work and learn various tasks."

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