“Teen Works has been a great fit for our department. They have provided us with young adults that have a willingness and desire to work and learn various tasks. We have been very appreciative of the program and look forward to a continuing relationship.”

Audrey S. Lee Secretary Lancaster Athletic Department



“The Robert K. Fox has been lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the sites for the Teenworks program and we have been participating for several years.  The teens issued to the family Y have an opportunity to work directly in the customer service industry and get first hand experience at the welcome center desk of the Fox Family Y.


Teens that might have been a little shy or usually standing in the back ground soon discover that meeting and greeting customers with a friendly smile can be rewarding all on its own. We have our teens welcome our members and guests, get them signed in, giving keys to fitness locker rooms and unlocking the wellness center doors giving access to our work out facility.


Our teens learn to answer phone calls, transferring to the appropriate departments, give tours to potential members discussing membership options and pointing out areas of interest.  They learn to use computers, copiers, fax machines etc. and learn to take down registration information to get our community actively involved in our programs.


These teens learn how to problem solve, hand out and log in sports equipment and are responsible for making sure the desk inventory of registration forms and membership applications are fully stocked helping to meet our customer needs and keep the flow of people moving through the welcome center desk.


Our teens learn the names of our members and guest in the community interacting with people they may not normally get the chance to meet.  They get full use of our facility which allows them to not only work to develop the skills they will need as they get older but also a chance to develop a healthy lifestyle that they can use for the rest of their lives.


Our teens see how our community comes together to get involved or participate in some or our programs, they see and learn how we develop volunteer committee groups to help us get better at serving our community.  Our teens see first hand how they can also become active in our programs/committees or other committees in our city.


The opportunities for these teens is huge and it all begins with joining the Teenworks program, going through the labs and trainings that Angela Harris and Ciara Tellier provide and getting placed in one of the work sites to be trained and developed to meet the needs of the business.


These teens work hard for us at the Robert K. Fox Family Y and soon develop into the young men and women who will one day help lead our city in to the future.  We hope these teens will continue to see the need to volunteer as they become adults and always find a way to give back to provide something more for the future of the communities that they live in.


Thank you Teenworks for allowing the Robert K. Fox to be a part of this wonderful program.”

Jacquie Moku
Fox Family YMCA
Customer Service Manager

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"Teen Works has been a great fit for our department. They have provided us with young adults that have a willingness and desire to work and learn various tasks."

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